This page will explain what some of the tools do in 3D Model Maker (and similar 3D software) that you may not be familiar with.

First some terminology:

  • Mesh - the solid object composed of polygons. For example a cube is a mesh composed of squares.
  • Polygon - a flat shape such as a triangle or square
  • Face - one of the flat sides of a shape. Usually a triangle or a square (sometimes called a quad).
  • Edge - one of the lines of a shape
  • Vertex - one of the corners or points of a solid object.

Extrude Tool
This is a very useful tool which extends part of a mesh. It takes an original face extends it and adds faces to the sides. It is best explained with pictures:

Multi-face Extrude
You can also select multiple faces with the multi-select tool before using the extrude tool to extrude a group of faces.

More tutorials
We will put more tutorials here later. If you would like to request a tutorial or have made your own please leave a comment below:


  1. Yes I am wondering the same question, I hit Ctrl Z and it messes it up even more! Any help???

  2. Hello. There is no undo at the moment unfortunately.

  3. It REALLY does need an undo function. I can't believe it doesn't have one.

  4. Wow! Now I need my money back. You definitely cannot have modeling software without an undo. Modeling is about moving and experimenting to see what you like. you undo when you don't like something. Can you imagine somebody modeling in clay, or in this case, quick dry cement that is set in stone with every decision? I'm glad I only paid a dollar something, because this is useless to me. How have people made a suggestion a year ago, and not only have you not made an update, but you are still charging for it?

  5. Please, create an app for Windows phone as well.